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Transport Services Development Kit (TSDK)

The Transport Services Development Kit (TSDK) is an Innovative, Open and Robust FACE™ Transport Services Segment (TSS) solution provided with Government Purpose Rights. Designed around a modular open framework; TSDK is built for MOSA. Key characteristics of the TSDK approach include:

  • Affordability – TSDK is available to any Government program at no license fee, reducing program risks around data rights, licensing and vendor lock.
  • Openness – TSDK is extensible through an open, inclusive, predictable process allowing contributions from different vendors. Contributors to TSDK maintain their IP and can develop business models around that IP.
  • Quality – TSDK includes the verification/data packages needed to support functional verification and airworthiness in production deployments.
  • Standards-based – TSDK supports all required/optional TSS component deployments aligned to 3.x versions of the FACE™ Technical Standard.


  • Qualifiable code generation framework using model-based templates for TS-API code generation.
  • Embedded software libraries with open, modular interfaces provide all TSS capabilities.
  • Cross-platform UI supports editing FACE™ Data Models; manages code generation & TSDK configuration based on model data.
  • Model-based foundation for TSS development built on the Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF) provides flexible integration options.


  • TSDK provides a collaborative development environment for FACE™ TSS across Government and Industry.
  • Contributors to the TSDK product maintain their IP and can develop business models around the IP.