TSDK Now Available

Getting Started

Transport Services Development Kit (TSDK) v0.4 is available to all members of FVL Architecture Collaboration Working Group (ACWG) at no license cost for development purposes.

Use the following forms to obtain a copy of the software and a license:
  1. Register yourself as a POC to get a copy of the software for your organization.
  2. Request your license. Each user must have their own license.

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Transport Services Development Kit (TSDK)

Use Cases

The FACE TSDK can be used in a variety of use cases, including:
  • Developing FACE systems: The TSDK can be used to build software for new or existing FACE software applications. The TSDK is provided at no license cost for development purposes. Contact us for options in production systems.
  • Maintaining and evolving FACE ecosystem: As a development partner, your organization can develop base or premium features of the TSDK while retaining your IP. The TSDK can be customized with plugins to support your embedded TSS configuration.
  • Rapid prototyping and demonstration: The TSDK is provided out of the box with all the features you need to marshal data throughout your application so your development team can focus on their areas of expertise and bring technology to the warfighter faster.

The Transport Services Development Kit (TSDK) is comprehensive set of tools and libraries that helps developers to build FACE-compliant applications. The TSDK includes everything you need to get started, including:

  • A modular FACE-compliant transport service architecture with an extensible set of transport protocols.
  • Comprehensive tooling for generating FACE-compliant transport service code and configurations for your UoCs.
  • Visualization and editing tools to help users rapidly navigate their FACE™ data and integration models.
The TSDK is designed to be easy to use and extend. Developers can use the TSDK to build transport services that are tailored to the specific needs of their application.


The FACE TSDK offers a number of benefits to developers, including:
  • Reduced development time and cost: The TSDK provides a pre-built foundation for developing FACE-compliant transport services. This can save developers a significant amount of time and effort.
  • No license cost: the TSDK is provided at no license cost to DoD and their contractors for development purposes.
  • Improved quality and reliability: The TSDK is designed to help developers build high-quality and reliable transport services. The TSDK's integration and validation features help to ensure that transport services are developed correctly and meet all FACE requirements.
  • Increased flexibility and scalability: The TSDK is designed to be flexible and scalable. TSDK embedded libraries and tools are modular, allowing your organization to add or replace components to best suit your development needs for a wide range of applications.

TSDK v0.4 Features

The FACE TSDK offers a variety of features to help developers build FACE-conformant applications, including:
  • FACE-compliant transport service architecture: The TSDK provides pre-built FACE 3.1 conformant software libraries and tooling to generate type-specific API source code for your UoC. TSS library configuration is generated and synchronized with the FACE integration model using the TSDK tool.
  • FACE Capabilities: All FACE 3.1 defined TSS Capabilities have been demonstrated using the TSDK embedded libraries.
  • Microservice architecture: The TSDK tooling has flexible deployment that allows multiple users to collaborate on a shared editing session. Users can seamlessly swap between sessions to support multiple products.
  • Graphical User Interface: The TSDK tooling provides visualization of the FACE Data Model, Integration Model, and configuration that allows users to rapidly view and edit content in the context of the integrated system.
  • Import / Export: The TSDK tooling provides the ability to import or export data and integration models to synchronize with other aspects of the system architecture. A complimentary FACE Data Modeling Plugin is also available for integration of these files with Cameo Enterprise Architecture.
  • Examples and Documentation: The TSDK provides a robust set of examples, documentation, and quick start wizards for your team to get started.