Founded On Knowledge

Jovian Software Consulting’s mission is to help our clients build knowledge and expertise in embedded software to design and develop the next generation of products. Managing software size and complexity to build cost effective and feature rich systems needs a disciplined approach to development. The foundation for such approach is the deep knowledge in embedded software development that enables organizations to build their products effectively.

Jovian Software Consulting combines over 30 years of industrial and military systems experience with comprehensive in-depth knowledge of the embedded software product development to provide exceptional value for our clients. Our experts possess a unique capability to provide guidance in developing flexible and cost effective solutions by employing a hands-on approach to support our clients throughout the product development lifecycle.

Our Value To You

Depth and Breadth

Our consulting and training team members are leaders in product development across multiple domains.

Problem Solving

We solve real world problems. We know that’s what really matters to our customers.

Learning By Doing

We believe the best way to learn is by doing. We provide hands-on training with real-time feedback.

Full Lifecycle Capability

We know the software lifecycle from proof of concept to product maintenance.


We take complex concepts and simplify them. We understand that the only way to better products is simplification.

Working with Facts

We know what works, what does not work and why in software. We can sort out facts from fiction.

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